Eva Mendes Sex

Eva Mendes Sex
Eva Mendes is an American actress born in Miami, Florida. She began acting in the late 1990s, and became known after a series of roles in several major Hollywood films, including 2 Fast 2 Furious, Hitch, Training Day, We Own the Night and The Spirit.

She was voted as No. 4 in the 2008 and No. 1 in the 2009 edition of AskMen.com's Top 99 Most Desirable Women. Eva Mendes posed topless for "Vogue Italy" in May 2008.

She posed naked for Flaunt Magazine and (PETA) anti-fur campaign "Fur? I'd rather go naked."

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Cancun is a beautiful location to escape on vacation. Sun, sand, beaches and plenty to see, eat and drink. We had left the cold of Calgary behind and dove headlong into a week of worrying about nothing except where we were going to eat and dance each night. Our first night was uneventful, but we did get a good sampling of the tequila and the fun atmosphere around our all inclusive hotel bar. There was the typical mix of good looking people combined with those who liked watching the good looking people. A few drop dead gorgeous but by and large an average crowd laughing and having a good time.

A day in the sun, mojitos and vodka made up day two. The evening had just started when we met Dee. At 41, she stood 5'7" in her 4" heels that made her legs look like they would wrap around anything she wanted. She had dark hair just past her shoulders and an inviting smile. Her nice tan was made darker by the cleavage she proudly displayed. Her ample and firm breasts hung free beneath her halter top. Her jean shorts had the typical "sprayed on" look, highlighting her firm thighs and behind. Her posture and the way she freely touched anyone she talked with left little doubt she was on the prowl.

But that was Dee. And I was in Cancun with Judy. Not quite 5' but she can hold her own in any crowd. She is proud of her firm legs and usually wears a short skirt that shows them well. Her breasts and cleavage, though smaller the Dee's, also were on display for anyone who cared to look. The conversation started with small talk about where we came from. But after a few drinks, it became apparent that Dee was a cougar, free in a hotel full of eager young men. And she was eager to try as many as she could. She had already worn out an 18 year old the night before, and he was trying to come back for round two, or maybe it was three. But Dee wanted a little more maturity.

Abandoning the hotel bar, we all jumped on a party bus headed for a local club. Inside we found a table near the dance floor and the ladies began scouting their options. Short dresses and halter tops were common, giving me plenty to enjoy watching as the women danced on the floor and the stage. The MC was pouring tequila from the bottle into open mouths as the girls danced on the stage. Some were hesitant as they danced, but Judy and Dee knew the view for the men on the floor was just what they wanted. Anyone who bothered to look up knew that Judy's tiny aqua panties were obviously there to be seen rather than actually cover her up. After two or three songs, they returned to our table, but the invitations had been understood.

Waiters came by and gave great service, casually brushing their arms across a breast as they reached to move glasses. Unabashed eye contact by both women further emboldened a few men to come take the to the dance floor. Once there, the girls wasted no time and began pressing against their partners. If a partner was too slow, they found another who would more readily grab their ass and pull them in. Both eagerly spread their legs around their partner's thigh and ground their hot groins against the man's thigh. A new song, and they were now both turned around, feeling an obviously hard cock pressed against the cracks of their asses. Judy and Dee invited hands to roam across their chests and down to their crotches. Judy would reach behind her and run her hand down the front of her partner's pants, adding encouragement to press and fondle more.

Apparently overcome by the sights, one drunken soul asked Judy to join him in the bathroom to make out. Too drunk to be much use to her she declined and returned to our table. Dee was in heaven. The room was full of men aroused by the eye candy of the young girls who dressed the part but lacked the experience. But she was ready to fill the needs of at least a few that night. She set her focus on a dark skinned man about 28. When he walked by our table she just reached for him and told him to take her to the outdoor patio.

Without hesitation she stood and walked outside, knowing full well he would follow. He was at first cocky and full of himself thinking she had fallen for him as a stud. As they talked, Judy walked up behind them and asked if he could handle two. As he turned to answer, Dee pressed into him from behind, and Judy placed one hand on his cock and the other behind his neck. Dee began massaging his nipples with one hand and fighting Judy for the front of his pants with the other hand. They had him. I could only grin to myself knowing what Judy could do to him. And with Dee there he would surely have a good time but not until they had theirs first. Not sure who to grab or kiss, he was quickly lost between the two women who were in total control of this once self assured man who was obviously accustomed to being in control of women.

He managed to get his hand on a breast before Dee turned him around and drove her tongue into his mouth. Her hand had won over Judy's, and she now had a firm grasp of his hard cock through his pants. Not to be left out, Judy was nibbling and licking his neck and had her hand inside his shirt pinching his nipples. Just then the music changed, and as quickly as they began the women walked away, came back to the table for a quick drink and headed to the dance floor. There stood "Romeo" with his shirt half undone and pants bulging, glancing around like a teenager caught masturbating.

They told me his name was Jorge as they grabbed a sip of their drinks and disappeared into the dance floor crowd. Men who had seen them earlier moved closer to them. For a few moments they danced with each other then they allowed themselves to be taken. Handled and touched by anyone who was within reach. Arms uplifted, they were available to fingers and hands, lips and hardening cocks pressed from all angles. But they were still in control. Always able to turn aside from an unpleasant grope, replacing it with a more pleasurable one. Three or four men at a time where able to press against the women. Judy's skirt was up around her waist, and Dee's breasts were constantly on display as her halter made them readily accessible to all. A waiter stopped by my table with another round of drinks and Judy's bra which had been discarded during the dancing. It was then that I saw him for the first time on the floor.

He stood about 6'. As the beach activity coordinator he had become lean and muscular. And his ebony skin had been darkened by the constant sun. His name was Carlos. Moving another man aside he stepped behind Dee and moved his hand to her breast. With no hesitation he squeezed her breast and then slid his hand down her stomach stopping when his fingers cupped her crotch. Dee gasped momentarily, then arched her back and pressed herself into his body. She grinned at Judy who stepped into her. And then they kissed a long kiss with tongues dueling to probe each other's mouths. Dee looked up to see Jorge return and took his rightful place behind Judy. Judy turned and smiled at him and told him she was glad he had not given up. Judy's blouse was then pulled free of her skirt, and lifted up so her breasts rubbed Dee's. The group around them had their hands roaming freely, often pressed between two sets of breasts. But Jorge and Carlos had their hands tightly clasping and probing each girl's crotch. Dee's pants had been unbuttoned and folded open so she was readily available to his fingers. Her hands went behind his head as she arched her back, pressing his hand between her crotch and Judy. Dee began biting her lip and managed to muffle her first climax of the night. It was then that I noticed Judy had her hand firmly planted between Dee's legs as well.

As if on queue the music changed and they all disengaged. A few whispers and the girls returned to our table to inform me we were leaving. The three of us got into the back seat of a cab and headed off to our hotel. Judy turned my head and kissed me deeply, then whispered a "thank you" into my ear. I felt Dee's hands on my crotch as she unzipped my pants to free my cock. Her hands were replaced by her warm mouth and wet tongue. Judy simply said "enjoy", which I gladly did. Soon Judy's hand joined in, milking my balls as they drew up tight, urging me to fill Dee's mouth with my hot cum. Judy's tongue went deep in my mouth and I could hold out no more. Dee swallowed it all and licked me clean as my dick softened. As the cab pulled up to the hotel they told me to hurry to the room and get some ice on the way.

Once there, the girls wasted no time in stripping and exploring each other's bodies. But this was interrupted by a knock on the door, and when Judy opened it there stood Carlos and Jorge. Jorge scooped Judy up and carried her to the bed while Dee helped Carlos out of his clothes. No ceremony or pretense, this was just about sex.

Judy grabbed Jorge's cock and began sucking it like a woman gone wild. In control, she rolled him onto his back and sucked and stroked his cock to full attention. Meanwhile Carlos had his head between Dee's legs and was obviously not going to stop until she had a second orgasm. Stroking his cock hard with one hand while he tongued her, Carlos was a man on a mission. Dee would rise up off the bed to press her crotch into his mouth, and he would press back, driving his tongue into her.

Jorge began to take short breaths, and grabbed Judy's head as he tensed and forced his cock into her mouth. He was obviously disappointed when she removed his hands, but she immediately returned to her task and as he came he realized she was going to drain him willingly, completely and mercilessly. His groans were matched by her muffled encouragements as she savored the taste and feel of his hot cum coating the inside of her mouth and sliding down her throat.

Watching and listening had brought my drained cock back to life, and as Dee began to gasp with her second orgasm I climbed over to her and slid my now rested cock into her mouth. Her moans were muffled, but not lost on us as Judy paused to complain that she was falling behind. Carlos and Jorge changed positions, and as Jorge sucked on Dee's clit Carlos fed his cock into Judy's mouth and rolled her over on top of him. His tongue quickly found Judy's stiff and protruding clit and he sucked it into his mouth making her moan and shudder. Although she could not get him entirely into her mouth, Judy did her best to attend to every inch of Carlos's cock with her moth, tongue and fingers. Soon his cock was glistening with his pre-cum, and having already tasted a mouthful tonight Judy told him to put his cock in her and fill her with his cum. Carlos turned her around and she sat atop him. With his cock in her hand she slowly lowered herself onto him, enjoying every inch as he filled her.

Carlos then grabbed her by the hips and began using her to fuck his dick. She was grinding her clit against him and enjoying the feeling of being used, riding his long thick cock. Judy began to pinch her nipples as she came, pounding herself harder onto his invading cock. Carlos too could not stand the added heat and announced he was going to cum. With a wicked smile Dee reached over and grasped Carlos' balls to milk them into Judy as he arched his back and drove into her further and filled her with his hot cum.

With that Judy collapsed and watched as I pulled my now hard dick from Dee's mouth and moved to position myself between her legs. She just spread them wider as Carlos asked if anyone wanted a drink before round two. We all just laughed, knowing that with these two women this would not end at two.

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